Trust & Corporate Services                       

We specialise in managing companies in Ireland for international clients who want to get a foothold here, without committing to excessive overheads.  Initially we provide many of the services on the ground, enabling the company to get up and running and, where applicable, to move on to the next stage with their own premises and employees – an incubation type of service.

The services we provide are:

– Provision of Directors

– Management and Administration Services

– Arranging Office Space

– Accounting Tax & Payroll Services

– Company Secretarial Services


Brexit Relocation Services

Our business model is particularly relevant in the present climate of change in the international tax environment and with Brexit looming on the horizon.

In the coming weeks and months it is very likely many companies will be looking to remain in Europe following Britain’s decision to leave the EU.  One option is to set up in Ireland and avail of a strong open economy, a pro-business environment and a highly educated workforce.

In a world of political and economic change, Ireland stands out as a very good place to do business for the following reasons:

– Gateway to Europe – access to single market of 500 million consumers

– Ireland will be the only English speaking country in the EU after Brexit

– Attractive corporate tax rate of 12.5% – clear, simple and certain

– Fastest growing economy in EU in 2016

– A truly great place to do business



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